October, Thursday 25

Jean-Michel Bernard - Amphithéâtre, concert grand public

“Jean-Michel Bernard, a special effect by himself” (Michel Gondry)

Jazz pianist, Ray Charles sidekick for the last three years of his life, official composer for Michel Gondry's movies (The science of sleep, Be kind rewind)... Jean-Michel Bernard has been for several years now the symbol of the emerging new generation of movie composers. Orchestrator, pyrotechnical pianist, he's the man for every musical situation you could imagine. His singularity is mostly found in his eclectic tastes, from traditional jazz to modern jazz, from symphonic music to world music. Between the Beatles and Bach, there isn't an artist more important that the other! And that is precisely thanks to the cinema that he was able to achieve a blend between those different cultures, through, amongst other things, his covers of the classics made by the Argentinian composer Lalo Shifrin (Mission:Impossible, Bullit, Dirty Harry...).
Jean-Michel Bernard (piano-claviers-arrangements), Eric Giausserand (Trompette), Fred Couderc (Saxophone flûte), Daniel Ciampolini (percussions vibraphone), Pierre Boussaguet (contrebasse), François Laizeau (batterie), Special guest : Kimiko Ono chant
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