October, Saturday 27 - 2:00 PM

Anthony Jambon group - Espace Méditerranée, showcase

Anthony Jambon performs a clever, sophisticated and refined jazz. What strikes people during their first listening, it's the quality of the writing and the interpretation, an impressive instrumental control, and an acute sense of balance and nuance.
In his first album “Precious Time”, he proposed an eclectic music, by turns energetic and soft, a simple beauty open to everyone. His compositions are the outcome of a strong identity, forged in the fire of all his musical encounters, finding its origins in Pat Metheny, Tigran Hamasyan, Avishaï Cohen, or even E.S.T.
Music fly, combining accurate writing, rhythmic complexity, improvisation range and transcendent melodies. The album sounds like an interlude, a suspended moment where one can really take the time to live.

Line up: Anthony Jambon – guitar / Camille Passeri – trumpet, bugle, xylophone / Joran Cariou – piano / Benoît Lugué – bass / Martin Wangermée – drum, xylophone.

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