October, Saturday 27 - 4:15 PM

Ishkero - Salle Fitzgerald, showcase

Ishkero is a young instrumental merge band. Only twenty years old and those former “Enfants du Jazz” festival student from Barcelonnette, all graduating from the Academy, are todays part of the emerging Jazz stage in Paris. Tao Ehrlich (drum) and Antoine Vidal (bass) form a powerful and sharp rhythmic section, while Victor Gasq (drum) and Arnaud Forestion (keyboard) smoothly follow and support the melodies made by Adrien Duterte (transverse flute). Through a powerful and modern groove combining funk, rock and jazz rhythms and tones, Ishkero proposes an efficient and innovative sound, and fresh musical colors. Thanks to cohesion polished during more that eighty gigs, the band delivers a music fit for the stage. A not to be missed gig!
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