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Daniel Gassin "Crossover band" - Salle Fitzgerald

With his ‘Crossover Band,’ French-American-Australian pianist Daniel Gassin crosses borders like they’re nothing. From the beginnings of his band in 2017, the musician has surrounded himself with singers whose backgrounds are as varied as his own, like Jamaican-American Shola Adisa-Farrar.
The creative process for songs by the Crossover Band also mixes up roles. At times, the pianist sets the singer’s text to music, but often she writes lyrics to match his themes. In any case, they always share their visions with one another. Shola Adisa-Farrar proposes new sections or moods for Daniel Gassin’s compositions. And he offers her his opinions on the lyrics. 
Like their composers, the songs have a hybrid character to them, halfway between contemporary jazz and more binary related musical genres, like neo-soul.  Enriched by this diverse identity, the pianist surrounds himself with other co-composing partners, like Australian Josh Kyle, and adds new songs to the Crossover Band’s repertoire.
To round out the group, Daniel Gassin brings in musicians mainly from the jazz world, but who are skilled in related styles.  On top of the rhythms of French-Colombian bassist Fabricio
Nicolas-Garcia and drummer Damien Françon, you have the guitar of multi-instrumentalist Josiah Woodson (Grammy Award-winner, among other honours, for his arrangement work with Beyoncé). 
The group currently has a residency at Le Caveau des Oubliettes in Paris, where they continue to develop and expand their repertoire.
They will record their first EP in June 2019.
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