October, Friday 25

Nojazz feat. Raashan Ahmad & Toto ST - Soirée SACEM

In partnership with SACEM 

If Nojazz has a concept, it’s a very simple one: mixing the spirit of soul and the origins of jazz (partying) with the hypnotic rhythms of today’s sounds. Soul and jungle, trip hop and fanfares, melodies and samples, hard bop funk with drum’n’bass: it’s the marriage of swing and electronic music. 

With their seventh album, Beautiful Life, Nojazz continues its exploration of jazz and world electronica, a true trademark for the group, while maintaining its soulful style. Their new funky sound, first on display on the album ‘Soul Stimulation,’ surfs on striking rhythms that are even at times disconcerting, then slides easily into coppery riffs that are still just as powerful and perfectly find their place in the wild arrangements. 
Here more than ever, Nojazz displays their talents for listening and improvisation. They love to surprise just as much as they like to be surprised! For them, each new song is the opportunity to dive into the unknown, effortlessly initiating new collaborations across continents. The carefully crafted and current sound of ‘Beautiful Life’ is a beautiful illustration of this. Drawing on their friendship and maturity, these masters of balance aren’t afraid to take risks to give their music an open road without any borders. Beautiful Life: great sound distilled with total freedom—consume without moderation. New album "Beautiful Life" will be on the market the 15th November.

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