3:40 PM

Pierre Marcus Quartet - Showcase Espace Gould

Pierre Marcus, double bass / Baptiste Herbin or Irving Acao, saxophone / Simon Chivallon, piano / Thomas Delor, drums

"Following the right way" (album release on December 4) is a representation of Pierre Marcus' life - He always follows the right way in his life, accompanied by his dog Django and his double bass, but also a path crossed by travels and encounters made through music.

Pierre Marcus began music at the age of 17 with the electric bass. Entirely self-taught, he made his first steps with funk and reggae, before discovering jazz a few years later, and entered the Nice Conservatoire at the age of 23.

He bought his first double bass two years later. He meets the musicians of the region, trumpet player François Chassagnite, and saxophonist Jean-Marc Baccarini, who become his teachers.

He begins to play with various musicians and to record many records: Aldon Malesco Quintet in 2012 with the album "In Peace," Pierre Bertrand Quartet in 2015 with the album "Fast line," Marco Vezzoso Quartet in 2015 with the album "Japan live tour," Andrea Bazzicalupo quartet "The Great Debaters" in 2016 with the album "Mattoni."

In 2015 Pierre obtained a diploma at the Conservatory and, at the same time, recorded the first album, ''Longue attente''.

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