November, Wednesday 3 - 9:00 PM

Amine Mraihi "No-Mad Spirits" - Concert Amphithéâtre

This concert is offered as part of a AJC – Pro Helvetia partnership, to accompany the presence of Swiss artists in France        

Amine Mraihi, oud électrique / Angel Demirev, guitare / Axel Lussiez, batterie / Valentin Conus, saxophone

Amine Mraihi, Oud / Prabhu Edouard, tablas / Angel Demirev, guitar / Robinson Khoury, trombone.

An oud virtuoso and composer acclaimed for his unique and innovative musical vision, Amine Mraihi is one of the masters of contemporary music with oriental roots. He has constantly pushed the limits of his instrument through an approach that is modern, bold and carries a style which ignores gender labels. In his new solo project, he is surrounded by high-flying companions: Valentin Conus on saxophone, Angel Demirev on guitar and Axel Lussiez on drums. An unprecedented, fiery and exhilarating dialogue that invokes a journey of polyrhythms, dizzying improvisation and passion.

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