November, Friday 5 - 5:40 PM

Christophe Imbs ForYourOwnGood! - Showcase Espace Gould

Christophe Imbs, piano, effects, composing / Joan Eche-Puig, double bass / Anne Paceo, drums.

The trio was formed following the meeting of pianist Christophe Imbs and drummer Anne Paceo. A project based on the pianist's world was then set up quickly due to a great desire to play together. A real musical and human complicity developed between them over the last few years.

In 2018, double bassist Joan Eche-Puig joined the trio.

ForYourOwnGood! One of the project's characteristics and the ground is the mix between the traditional acoustic trio and the contribution of electric and electronic effects handled live and connected directly to the acoustic piano output. Christophe Imbs has developed a personal sound system in which he uses electric guitar pedals, which is now a trademark of the trio sound. He uses effects such as distortion, delays, pitch, filters, lives on the piano that gives many textures that blend with the acoustic sound.

The trio has a raw, full, personal and current sound that the press has often noted as innovative. It often has dense energy, while at the same time having a lyrical approach to the music. The melodies are written by going towards simplicity and the essential search for the group's cohesion and the sounds being meticulous.

The three musicians have a robust musical investment, which is much felt on stage.

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