4:40 PM

Mansfarroll & Campana Project - concert Big Band

Abraham Mansfarroll Rodriguez, percussions / Carlos Sarduy, trumpet / Rafael Aguila Arteaga, tenor sax / Denis Cuni, trombone / Pitty Cabrera, piano / Yelsy Heredia, doublebass / Carlos Miguel Hernandez, vocal / Elvis Ponce, vocal / Pedro Barrios, percussions / Nils Wekstein, percussions

Created in Paris in 2014, during the recording of the album Utop!a Guantanamera, the band Mansfarroll & Campana Project brings together exceptional musicians from all walks of life, living proof of the universality of music as conceived by Mansfarroll, creator and musical director of the group.
In homage to Dizzy Gillespie for his contribution to the introduction of Afro-Cuban rhythms in jazz, the show Dizzy El Afrocubano brings together original tracks composed by Mansfarroll as well as Dizzy titles rearranged by Mansfarroll, surrounded by his faithful companions. A free and inspired evocation of the breadth of variety and complexity of Cuban music.

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