November, Friday 5 - 6:20 PM

Jemm Music Project - Salle Fitzgerald

Max Castlunger, steel pan, balafon, percussions, chalumeau, hand pan / Mirko Pedrotti, vibraphone / Matteo Cuzzolin, sax tenor / Andrea Polato, drums / Hannes Mock, trombone / Marco Stagni, e-bass

JEMM Music Project originates from world music and enables the six musicians to be immersed into a global
context. In this way, they distance themselves from old tribal music, only to encounter it again within the realms of contemporary improvisation and dance music..
Ancient African instruments meet the carribean steel pan and find an evolution into the 2000s with the handpan. The drums undergoes the opposite process, losing the skins and becoming totally made of wood. The electric bass and the vibraphone bring their archaic rhythm to nowadays, while the woodwinds connect it to the big cosmic bands of the Seventies.
On the stage there are also artisanal percussions, made with wooden trunks from South Tyrol, expressing the recall to the tribalism that pervades our cities and our traditions.
Flutes, log drum, whistles and several other objects are used outside of the environment where they have been conceived to create the groove; these can bring to an acoustic reinterpretation of dance music or to psychedelic moments of collective improvisation.
The audience is not only a spectator, he participates – actively – with the voice as well as moving and clapping the hands, insomuch that the concert becomes an occasion to live a sensory experience, emotional and intense.

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