November, Saturday 6 - 9:00 PM

Guillaume Perret "A Certain Trip " - Concert Amphithéâtre

Guillaume Perret, saxophons / Yessaï Karapetian, piano-keyboards / Julien Herné, bass / Martin Wangermée, drums

Guillaume Perret is a sound discoverer. He plays saxophones with pedals and electrified effects to bring his notes to a surprising and unclassifiable universe, which invites us to dream, distorting the sounds to make them strangely musical.
His music is not part of a genre, it appeals to our senses. It is an innovative mixture of contemporary jazz, funky grooves, electro, oriental tones or howling metal ... hybrid, disturbing, captivating music, evocative of images and sensations.
Outstanding saxophonist, extraordinary composer, talented arranger, John Zorn describes him as a "nuclear powerhouse of emotions" and publishes the first album on his label, Tzadik. (“Guillaume Perret & the Electric Epic” 2012).
The album makes a dramatic entry into the world of jazz and is nominated for French Jazz victories.
At each of his performances, Guillaume Perret alone becomes an entire orchestra, a bewitching and spectacular symphony.

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