November, Wednesday 2 - 2:00 PM

Louis Matute Large Ensemble - Showcase - Espace Gould

Louis Matute (guitar) - Léon Phal (saxophone) - Andrew Audiger (Piano) - Virgile Rosselet (double bass) - Nathan Vandenbulcke (drums) - Zacharie Ksyk (trumpet) 

Through his Honduran father, this musician has been immersed in South-American music. Cuba, Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica: each of these countries has offered him an element, an inspiration which he has made his own. From his German mother, he discovered the great composers whose harmonic spirit he holds dear.

A new culture, a new folklore. Our folklore. Simply electrical in a fully instrumental acoustic ensemble, his guitar focuses on drawing strong and expressive themes, offering the piano and brass a path to follow. A path that, under the effect of lively rhythms, has led these six strings far beyond the Mediterranean, coming together with an oud playing its oriental melodies – both bewitching and mysterious. Here, the oud becomes jazz just as much as jazz becomes oriental. Amidst traditional South-American music and melancholic pop-rock, it comes to represent an extra piece in this unique artistic landscape.

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