November, Thursday 3 - 2:50 PM

Magi Aleksieva Mey - Showcase - Salle Fitzgerald

Margarita Cordogli (vocal) - Miroslav Turiyski (keyboard, piano) - Thomas Cordogli (guitare bass) - Kristian Jelev (drums)

In 2015, MEY, a soul-music singer from Sofia, Bulgaria, met the young bassist Thomas Cordogli, a prominent musician within his generation, at a concert in Nice. They immediately decided to set up a group together. At first, the band presented albums resulting from the collaboration of Mey and Poogie Bell (Suga Top in 2013 and JOY in 2017). Now, after a great many performances, they have made the majority of the tracks played their own, through careful arrangements, forging an identity that would give birth to the album Love & Receive. In 2019, they collaborated with Miroslav Turiyski and Dimitar Liolev (saxophonist on their last album). From then on, they have sought to mix their various universes through a selection of varied covers and compositions from each. In 2021, Magi Aleksieva MEY released her fourth album Lost and Found.

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