November, Thursday 3 - 5:40 PM

François Poitou & Pumpkin - Showcase - Espace Gould

François Poitou (double bass) - Pumpkin (vocal, rap) - Stéphane Adsuar (drums) - Olivier Laisney (trumpet) - Maxime Berton (tenor saxophon)

Coming, respectively, from aerial and contemplative jazz and an old-school hip-hop universe, this new quartet represents a major turning point for François Poitou and Pumpkin. Here, the creativity and innovation that have always characterised their projects come to mingle with the groove and joy of playing. This is a not a fusion of jazz and hip-hop, but rather a selection of contemporary jazz pieces featuring rapped  verses. Like Ambrose Akimusire, but in a more organic style, the voice – with its very 90s rap – is understood as an instrument. These rapped sections are solos, just like those of the sax or the trumpet. The tracks written and composed largely during lockdown evoke various themes: the complexity of social relations, introspection, confinement and more. 

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