November, Friday 4 - 3:40 PM

DAÏDA - Showcase - Espace Gould

Vincent Tortiller (drums) - Arno de Casanove (trumpet) - Samuel F'Hima (double bass) - Antonin Fresson (guitar) - Auxane Cartigny (keyboards) 

Inspired by the legend of Daïdarabotchi, a giant mystical creature straight out of Japanese mythology (so great that its movements shape the world itself), DAÏDA sets the scene here to lead us on an epic journey – a journey with multiple destinies, as recounted in his first album La Passion du Cri (Kyrielle), conceived as a trilogy. Pieces expressing exaggerated and paroxysmal feelings are unleashed one after the other, through the cries of the many ‘Passion(s)’ that mark this ‘Kyrielle’ of stories. At times tormented and in revolt, DAÏDA offers musical journeys with tinges of dream or nostalgia, like a great epic. Driven by this energy, DAÏDA’s is rooted in unbridled rhythms that flirt with the trance of techno music and mix with lyrical themes and harmonies as soloists take flight.

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