Wednesday 8th November
Espace Gould
From 6€*, the afternoon


ElliAViR en showcase à Jammin'Juan 2023

Lou Rivaille, vocals, composition / Rémi Flambard, trumpet / Maxime Mary, drums / Christophe Waldner, piano / Cyril Billot, double bass

Composed and arranged by singer Lou Rivaille, ElliAViR is an instrumental and vocal journey with rich and dreamlike sounds. In this project, voice and trumpet intertwine, speak to each other and come together around vocal melodies and instrumental themes enriched by the harmonious trio formed of the piano, double bass and drums. ElliAViR is an introspective and picturesque story that invites listeners to let themselves be carried away by their memories and imagination, drawing its language from world music, Nordic song and vocal jazz.

ElliAViR en showcase à Jammin'Juan 2023

* Tickets sold in a limited number

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