Wednesday 8th November
Salle Fitzgerald
6€*, the afternoon

Marco Poingt trio

Marco Poingt en showcase à Jammin'Juan 2023

Marco Poingt, piano / Brandon Atwell, bass / Pedrinho Augusto, drums

Marco Poingt, a young pianist and composer who graduated from the prestigious American Berklee College of Music, has been immersed in the world of performance and music from a young age. First introduced to the instrument aged three, he would go on to discover the many influences that music with a capital M has to offer very early on. This openness to all genres would continue to influence this artist who seamlessly crosses classical, jazz, rock and Latin music, thereby enriching his piano and his compositions. It is this great diversity of modes and sounds that characterises his music. This is a diversity that makes it possible to distinguish, recognise and define his signature. In this new project, Marco shares the stage with Brazilian drummer Pedrinho Augusto and American bassist Brandon Atwell, two remarkable musicians who further embellish his music, bringing new colours and textures.
These three musicians offer up their very personal vision of jazz with nuances that range from the cinematic to the orchestral – a music they transmit with a certain complicity overflowing with passion and virtuosity.

Marco Poingt en showcase à Jammin'Juan 2023

* Tickets sold in limited number


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