Thursday 9th November
Salle Fitzgerald
6€*, the afternoon

Hip Horns Brass Collective

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Hip-Horn en showcase à Jammin'Juan 2023

Albert Costa, trombone / Alvar Monfort, trumpet / Claudia Cedeño: MC / Alba Pujals: trombone / David Parras: sousaphone / Gregori Hollis: trumpet / Martí Soler: drums / Nil Villà: alto saxophone

Hip Horns Brass Collective members are part of three different generations of Jazz and Popular Musicians, who normally play or record their music for top artists, such as Nathy Peluso or C. Tangana. With their music, HHBC tries to offer an original approach to the genre, rooted in New Orleans brass band tradition and mixing it with through Hip Hop sound mixed with different styles, such as Gospel, Funk, Neo Soul or R’n’B.
The band has featurings with amazing emcees and singers like R.A.E, Las Ninyas del Corro, Escandaloso Xpósito, Rodrigo Laviña, Ana Tijoux, Juli Giuliani, Lia Kali or Tonia Richii. In stage or in the streets, Hip Horns will instill good vibes among all the audience.

Hip-Horn en showcase à Jammin'Juan 2023

* Showcase tickets sold in limited number

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