Friday 10th November
Espace Gould
6€*, the afternoon

Clélya Abraham

Clélya Abraham en showcase à Jammin'Juan 2023

Clélya Abraham, piano, vocals, composition / Antonin Fresson, electric guitar/ Tilo Bertholo, drums / Samuel F’hima, double bass

For this first album under her own name, Clélya Abraham invites us to drink from La Source: there, where emotions are born, love is shared and from where her music springs. An inventive and always surprising pianist, she opens the doors to a welcoming world of natural landscapes and sincere emotions. Her fingers on the piano and her imagination know no bounds. Attracted by composition, she combines her improvisational instinct, her Creole roots and her passion for jazz.

For this project, she brings together a team of virtuoso friends: double-bassist Samuel F’hima, guitarist Antonin Fresson and drummer Laurent-Emmanuel “Tilo” Bertholo. Touched by the grace and ingenuity of Clélya’s long-matured compositions and stimulated by the acrobatic inventiveness of her piano, sometimes accompanied by her ethereal scat, the three musicians intensify their creativity.

Clélya Abraham en showcase à Jammin'Juan 2023

*The tickets are sold in limited number

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